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Drystone Wall

Welcome to Constance Bay!

Constance Bay is a small community west of Ottawa. A sign indicates the various services offered in the business district.


In actual fact, only five services were displayed. The sixth square was blank, until someone filled it earlier this month. Colour me amused.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the city government is aware of the issue:

In city council this week, El-Chantiry assured his colleagues Constance Bay would soon be rid of the carnal defacement.

“Then (Councillor) Gord Hunter said: ‘What’s the big issue? I thought he was just showing her how to water ski.’ ”

Image courtesy of The Ottawa Citizen. They credit it as ‘Reader Photo.’


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  1. Shawn

    The article also stated the city would restore the sign to “it’s virgin state”. And I was taught that once you… Oh, never mind.

  2. Dee

    That’s hilarious! I once looked at properties in Constance Bay and Eli, who runs one of those local businesses (a convenience store with ice cream shop and dining counter), happened to serve us and got to chatting with us. He’s a great ambassador for his ward. If only he’d mentioned the availability of water skiing lessons, though, that might have tipped me over in favour of becoming a Constance Bay resident 😉

  3. Jonathan

    “Someone” filled the spot. reminds me of this:

    Only this one is quite the saga!

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