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Amusements, part CLXXVII

I like to reward spam senders who manage to get me to open their messages. It’s rare, but it happens.

Take today for example. I received a message claiming to be from PayPal. I do not have a PayPal account, but just yesterday I placed an on-line order from a retailer who uses PayPal for payment. So I opened the message and it claimed that my account was breached and shut down until I provide my user-name and password, yadda yadda.

The URL was to except that when I put my cursor over it, the actual URL displayed in the status bar at the bottom of my web mail client showed an entirely different URL. So I don’t have an account and therefore it wasn’t breached, and I know this link isn’t taking me to PayPal.

What do I do?

I follow the link! Yes, I know that simply following the link can be dangerous. You’re ruining my story.

I follow the link. I enter “You Suck” as the user-name, and something I shouldn’t publish (because it’s so foul) as the password.

It’s the little things that amuse me so much.


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  1. Jonathan

    When ever marketing types want you to enter your email address to download some little free thing I always use Chuck at hotmail dot com

    His full name, I decided, is Charles Wad!

    That poor dude.

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