Ars Technica posted an article called “Uncouth Facebook postings closing doors for job candidates.” It reports that 45% of U.S. employers look up prospective employees on social networking sites.

If you think I’m going to lament the privacy of these prospective employees, you’re wrong. They put it out there so why shouldn’t employers read it? Goodness, if you’re going to get smashed and pass-out on your front lawn, the home visit scheduled by the adoption agency won’t go so well. This is no different.

One paragraph was particularly interesting in that it detailed the things people post that could put them at a disadvantage when it comes time to choose who gets the job. The last was this gem:

The one that made us cringe? “16 percent dismissed a candidate for using text language such as GR8 (great) in an e‑mail or job application.”

On a job application? Goodness.