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You want to annoy me?

I read about a shirt on Boing Boing that would certainly do the trick. In their article “Helvetica tee is type-nerd-bait,” they describe it as

a shirt that’s bound to infuriate your type-obsessed pals: the word Helvetica, set in Comic Sans.

It makes me shudder, and you wouldn’t like me when I shudder.

Image courtesy of BustedTees.




Note to self…


  1. Shawn

    Saw the film last year at the Adobe Tech Summit. Creator was there too. Film was a little long, but interesting on how Helvetica has changed the world.

  2. Des

    I was in a senior management meeting the other day and everyone had to hand out a list of their top projects for the next fiscal year and the list for one area was in Comic Sans — it was hard to resist the urge not to laugh out loud, but I did crack a big smile!

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