Avenue Q, the touring off-Broadway show is coming to Colorado Springs, Colorado on March 16 and 17. Their ad posters aren’t welcome, however. The oversized posters, designed for placement in bus shelters, feature a larger-than-life photograph of the bikini-clad cleavage of the show’s character, Lucy the Slut.

The ad agency the show’s producer hired to advertise the Avenue Q Colorado Springs performances had no issue with the posters until one of the firm’s executives saw it. He said he didn’t think it was appropriate for the conservative nature of the city.

I know you’re just chomping at the bit to see it, so chomp no more:

Oh, did I forget to mention that the show has puppets and Lucy the Slut is one of these puppets?

That’s right. Puppet cleavage is too racy for the city’s conservative residents.

Poster ©2009 Avenue Q. Hat tip to The Colorado Springs Gazette.