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iMac warranty expiration

Is it really possible that I’ve been a Mac user for more than two years? It’s more than possible!

I looked through my receipts to find that I purchased my iMac in December 2007. My AppleCare warranty expires in December. This is good and bad.

It’s bad because part of my screen is darker than the rest when I first turn the system on. If the fluorescent tubes are arranged vertically, it’s the one in the middle. It’s fine now because within a minute or two or turning the system on, the brightness evens out. I would like it to fail before December so the replacement is free.

It’s good because once the warranty expires, I’m going to open this thing up and replace the piddly 320 GB drive with a 1.5 TB or perhaps a 2 TB unit. With the iMac being an ‘all in one,’ it’s not as simple as it would be with a PC, but I’m armed with knowledge and pictures! [The site has since shut down.] I’d like to do it now, but I’m not going to risk voiding the warranty.

When December rolls around, I’ll have an early Christmas present for myself.


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Megatron Jones

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  1. WTL

    You might want to drop into the Apple store and talk to them. You might be surprised what they can fix quickly.

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