I don’t join every Facebook group that I find amusing. I figure it would clutter my ‘like list’ and the only thing a viewer would take away is that I like to join stupid groups.

There are exceptions, however. I noticed earlier this evening that Lori joined a Facebook group named, “MY SISTER SAID IF I GET ONE MILLION FANS SHE WILL NAME HER BABY MEGATRON.”

Yea, you read that correctly. It’s just so bizarre that I couldn’t help myself. It gets more bizarre, however. It seems that the group was started at 12:58 pm on February 2. It’s now 7:51 pm on March 9 and the group has 714,590 fans. I joined nearly two hours ago and while I’m not sure, I believe there were some 690,000 fans then.

I can’t imagine a mom actually naming her child Megatron, but stranger things have happened. One of the last posts states that the baby is due on August 9, but I’m not sure we’ll find out what happens. The sidebar says:

Your publishing rights have been blocked due to a violation of the Pages Terms of Use.

I can’t imagine what he/she might’ve done to violated the terms of use! At least nothing on the page would seem to be so bad. I think typing in all-caps should be such a violation but I doubt it is. Then again, perhaps the last status has something to do with it: “make sure you post links to this page on every forum and message board that you can!” If the creator went on a blitz, spamvertising the group everywhere on Facebook, I can understand what happened.

It’s too bad because the group will certainly get a million fans long before August!

Addendum: Eleven minutes later at 8:02 pm, there are 717,663 fans. That’s nearly five new fans per second. If it keeps up at this rate, the total will surpass one million sometime tomorrow.

Further addendum: Twenty-two hours later there are 955,242 fans. My estimate was off, but it won’t take long to reach a million fans.