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Drystone Wall


Jessica went to Egypt. She sent me a postcard that clearly proves she was there:

Look at her crrrazy hair!

The photo looks like a wretched Photoshop job. It might be, but it looks roughly correct. According to the Google map of the Giza Necropolis, the Pyramid of Cheops is in roughly the position indicated on the post card. What’s missing is all sorts of other construction. That’s why I think it’s a patchwork of images. In addition to, you know, how the sun appears at different angles in different parts of the image, and how something just looks wrong wherever the sky borders the monuments.


My iPod and me


39, 40, and 41


  1. Kathleen Masse

    But at least that’s DEFINITELY Jessica in the picture. Right? Right?

  2. Jessica

    Of *course*! I’m no good at Photoshop, so I didn’t tamper with the picture. At all. Nope.

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