The other day I was ripping a few of my classical CDs. I’m still not completely finished converting my CDs. I came across a few Mozart symphonies that I had missed. I listened to a few and realized how much I really like them.

I checked the NAC web page to see what the orchestra was up to. If they’re presenting something I like, I go see. About fifteen years ago they scheduled Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 and I was simply beside myself. You can imagine my reaction when I arrived to find that they’d changed the piece to something else. I put up a fuss at the box office but they insisted that they only allowed refunds or exchanges up to 48 hours before the performance and that’s it. I was livid. So livid that I didn’t even attend the performance. I understand the policy, but they should make an exception when they change the showpiece performance, for goodness sakes.

To this day, I haven’t seen No. 41 live.

If all goes well, I’ll be able to say this for only five months. My trip to the NAC web site brought me to the concert listed to the right. Not only Symphony No. 41, but No. 39 and No. 40 as well! I am so there.

I’ll just have to make sure I add Symphony No. 39 to my iPod as I don’t know it nearly as well as the other two and I want to get familiar with it before the performance.

I’m already giddy.