IMG_0457.CR2: 30D, EF 70—200mm 1:4L IS @ 97mm, 1/15, f/4.5, 800 ISO

IMG_0457.CR2: 30D, EF 70 — 200mm 1:4L IS @ 97mm, 1/15, f/4.5, 800 ISO

This photo may not look odd, but it’s an example of why fireworks are subject to government control. I took it on Victoria Day this year. It’s of the area around the back entrance of the building next door.The entrance itself is behind the tree on the right.

It seems that some people wanted to have their own fireworks show. They also didn’t want to be bothered to go very far to do it. So they lit them and threw them down from their balcony to land immediately outside the entrance. If someone had happened to leave the building as they threw them, they would’ve had time to walk into the middle of the fireworks just as they went off.