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According to the CBC News article, “Hike water prices to stop waste: expert,”

The former UN climate chief who has advocated putting a price on carbon emissions says water also should carry an appropriate cost.

In a world where supplies of fresh water are shrinking, countries, companies and individuals should be aware of the value of water, Yvo de Boer told a water seminar in Brussels, Belgium, on Thursday.

It’s logical and reasonable. There is a problem, however. In 2002, the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights recognized water as a human right. Surely it would be wrong to use market pressure on something they’ve deemed a fundamental human right. Right?

This is yet another reason I think it was ridiculous and ultimately counter-productive for the UN to recognize water as a human right.


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  1. Shawn

    Yes, but keep in mind the City of Ottawa promoted conservations so much that water consumption went down. then they realized the revenue was not sufficient to sustain the processing facility and promptly raised our rates.

    All the people that spout crap about the need to charge more/tax more in order to promote conservation should be forced to go without a paycheck for a few weeks to see how much it hurts. I HAVE NO MORE MONEY!!!! McGuinty has taken most of it.

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