The AI knows! Or rather, URL AI seems to know. The site allows you to enter a URL, and after a bit of analysis, it tells you the gender, age, mood, and tonality of the writer.

I’m amused. When I entered the URL to this very site, it worked its magic and rendered a judgment: is probably written by a male somewhere between 26 – 35 years old. The writing style is academic and upset most of the time.

The only thing really wrong is the age. I haven’t fit within that range in some time, now. I also appreciate that the analysis explicitly states that the writing style is academic and upset. I wouldn’t call myself an academic. While I certainly do bitch a lot here, I don’t think the people I associate with would call me upset most of the time.

The scope may be an issue. The end of the report notes that the analysis used one page that had enough English words. I suspect it used the homepage, which is the most recent ten entries, so the result could change over time, as I write. I suspect an analysis that examines the entire site would take longer than most people would be willing to wait.

Academic and upset most of the time! I’d like to have a t‑shirt with that written across the front.