Dates: February 24 to March 18
Odometer: 67529 to 68365
Distance travelled: 835.1 km
Fuel used: 55.707 litres

Calculated fuel economy:
6.7 l/100 km
35.3 miles/US gallon
42.3 miles/imperial gallon

My car has a 55 litre fuel tank, yet I put almost 56 litres in it today. I know they build in a little extra, just in case, but I’d like to know how much that extra is. Two gallons sounds familiar, but that would mean that I still had about 6.5 litres remaining when I re-fueled. Given that the gas gauge was on empty, and the low-fuel warning light came on yesterday afternoon, there was no way I’m going to try to drive nearly 100 more kilometres! I drove some 70 kilometres after the warning light came on and that was quite enough.

On the bright side, the weather is warming up with spring’s approach. I’m looking forward to a 20% increase in fuel economy when summer arrives.