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The circle turns

When we’re young, we often say or do silly things that clearly indicate a lack of knowledge of the past. Older folks will gleefully point out these gaps in our knowledge. The circle turns and the young grow older, gradually taking on the opposite role.

The Montréal Gazette posted the story, “Conservative government won’t budge on copyright rule changes.” Among the comments is one by a young person that reminds me of this young/old exchange:

George Orwell would be shocked to see his movie 1984 actually coming to life like this.

The writer doesn’t reveal his or her age, but we know. George Orwell’s movie, 1984?

Kids these days…


Lindsey Buckingham




  1. _Don

    I hear they made a book about it. 🙂

  2. Jessica

    At least they got the Orwell part right!

    • Rick

      Funny you should mention this because in the original comment, he or she wrote “Orwekk.” I felt justified in making the correction both because it’s an obvious typo, and because they added another comment soon after pointing out the error.

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