Santa was good to me this year. I really have nothing to complain about as I’m debt-free, healthy, and I have a good job, but leave it to Santa to know just what I’d like anyway. See for yourself how he festooned my stocking:


Granted Scarlett Johansson wasn’t in my stocking, but rather the Cosmo with her on the cover. Santa’s cool, but he’s no miracle worker, nor does he want to get busted for kidnapping. Still, I appreciate his efforts on my behalf.

Like 2010, when Rihanna graced my stocking, Scarlett’s clothing may very well cost a fortune. I just haven’t gone so far as to check, or indeed … look inside the magazine very much at all. It seems a shame to open it and obscure the cover.

Cosmopolitan ©2012 Hearst Communications, Inc. Photo by Marc Hom.