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CBC News Network, not cool

To my complete amazement, the CBC is starting to run teasers about the 2014 winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. My goodness, the games are a year away! Yea, we’ve read that the CBC managed to get the broadcast rights, but are they planning a year’s worth of ads? Really?

Even if I weren’t annoyed enough at the Olympics to not want to see them at all, I’d still be annoyed at this jumping the ad gun.

The only bright side is that I’ve seen there ads only on the CBC News Network, so far. I don’t have cable, so while I’m at home, I won’t see these ads … until they start running on the main CBC television channels.


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  1. _Don

    On the National last week (this week?), there was a big item on the construction of the new facitlies and the allegations of corruption and favouritism on the construction of the factilities (in the Olympics!? Never!). And more blab about the conditions of the hills, the weather, what the atheletes think. Really, change the name of the host country/city, and its the same old thing. I stopped watching after about 15 mins, and was amazed I lasted that long. But that’s only due to lazyness in getting the remote to shut it off.

    So yeah, its started. Before long it’ll be all over the CBC. I like the CBC, but they self promote to the point where I can’t wait for the show to air so I *dont* have to see the commercial again. Even now I can’t think of Arctic Air without the line “There’s a bomb on the plane!”

    • Rick

      When I think of Arctic Air, it’s the one where they got caught on the forest fire. The main dude is separated from the women by a wall of fire and he says, “Get out of here, we’ll be okay!” And then later, when they’re about to take off, the woman says, we’ll never clear those trees!” But the tree line looks like it’s a good mile away.

      And I’m only talking about Arctic Air to take my mind off the stupid CBC already pimping the stupid 2014 Olympics.


  2. _Don

    I know the promo. I think its the same episode.

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