A decade or two ago, I asked my mother for something in her kitchen. I’m not about to make off with it though. I’ll wait for a renovation.

Have a look for yourself:


Is that not the coolest retro kitchen accessory? My mom started work at a hotel in 1963, and at that time they were renovating the washrooms. They each had one of these beauties, and since they were being removed as part of the update, my mom asked if she could buy one. She was told that they all were being thrown out. Selling them or giving them away would be more trouble than it was worth. Ever resourceful, my mom managed to find a few before they were all gone.

The hotel was built in 1929 and mom is certain the tissue dispensers were there in the hotel when it opened. I had thought they were from the 1950s. It hadn’t occurred to me that they were quite that old.

Still, I’ve got dibs!