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If you haven’t heard, I’m moving.

Part of the reason is with my dad having passed away last year, my mom needs more of a hand. My siblings help her a great deal, especially my sister and her husband, but my mom has three children, not just two. In addition, my job search in town hasn’t worked out as well as I had hoped so maybe a renewed search in a new area will lead to better results.

So I’m moving back to my old stomping grounds … the city in which I grew up and left 24 years ago.

I’ve commented before, not entirely in jest, that I’d rather the water go out than lose Internet connectivity. In a surprising turn of events, I cut off my own Internet. On purpose! It started with the germ of an idea Lori planted during a chat late last week…

Rick: I’d be embarrassed to explain how far away from being done [packing] I really am!

Lori: Can I make a seemingly harsh suggestion?

Rick: You can suggest, yea. But I think I know what it will be…

Lori: What?

Rick: No computer?

Loti: hah. turn off internet. get it disconnected. all together.

Rick: Oh! Yeesh. That’s a thought!

Lori: there’s no option but to wake up and face the stuff.

Rick: I know it!

Lori: Interwebs suck my life away.

Rick: …with their awesomeness!

Lori: guh. you see my point.

And I did and do see her point. I hadn’t yet arranged for an Internet connection where I’m moving so I got on the phone with Teksavvy. They’ll be out to make the required connection on June 11, and the required modem is already in the mail to my new address.

I then asked when I could have my current service cut off. She explained that I could have it active until they activate the new service, or if required, I could even have an overlap. I said, “No, you don’t understand, I want my current service terminated as soon as possible.” Then she understood. She said I could have it cut off that very same day. I told her that’s exactly what I’d like, thank you.

Unfortunately it didn’t happen. Most of the time, having the service too long would be fine, but all it did was have me use it even more and neglect packing because it would be gone any time now. It turns out that it was finally cut off almost four days later.

It’s not like I’m completely cut off, however. My smart phone has wireless Internet connectivity and I can use it to provide Internet access to my iPad or iMac, but it’s far more limited than a hard-wired connection so my packing is coming along nicely, now.

Not to say that it’s entirely without issue, however. My problem now is my complete lack of exercise. I’ve really let myself go and the packing is work. If you’ve seen my books, you know what I mean. I’m also disassembling my book shelves for transport to save space and also because I hope not to need all (nine) of them when I set everything up again.

So now, I pack and take a sort break, and pack again. Rinse and repeat. My current favourite break is reading. I started book three of A Song of Fire and Ice a few days ago and I’m now nearly half-way through it. In fact, I’m just about at the point the Game of Thrones television series has reached.

I can handle muscle aches, but I worry about my back. I’m careful to lift things with my legs and not my back, but my back is still making its complaints felt!

This is how things appear at the moment. All but a few of my books have disappeared into the dozen grey bins, and my CDs are all packed away. I’ve disassembled two of the book cases as well. The work continues.

I can’t wait for this to be over!


Keep Calm!




  1. Dee

    Wow! That’s big news all around, Rick! Hope the move goes slowly and you enjoy your new digs. Being there for your mom is important.

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