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We don’t care what’s on your head…

Check out this ad placed by a Toronto hospital in a McGill University student newspaper:

Doctors in this country are in short supply. I think it’s so clever of Lakeridge Health to take advantage of the Québec government’s ineptitude and recruit in this manner.

I was watching the CBC News and they quoted a Québec politician’s reaction to this ad as being “back off!” I’m just sorry that I didn’t catch the politician’s name because he or she is a dumbass. If you’re going to play politics that will have the blindingly obvious effect of alienating a sizeable number of your people, you deserve to lose the best and brightest among them. Whether they leave on their own or they’re poached, you’ve clearly told them that you don’t value their contributions to your society.

What do you expect will happen when you attempt to enact legislation that will shit on them?




Appropriate, no?

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  1. Jessica

    That is one freakin’ clever ad. Good for Lakeridge! Sigh, this is why the health system in Quebec is such a steaming heap of crap. And also why all my doctors are in Ontario!

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