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If you’re a reporter who will be interviewing someone, do your homework about the interviewee or you’re going to look like a dumbass. Case-in-point, and I apologize because I don’t know who these two reporters are, but they pulled Mayim Bialik aside on the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday for some questions.

Reporter guys asks,

Being on The Big Bang Theory, how many people … not that you aren’t a genius … but how many people think that you can solve calculus at the drop of a hat?

Setting aside that he asked the question in a way that makes me wonder if he even knows what calculus is (solve calculus?!), he was entirely unprepared for Mayim’s reply.

I actually was trained in calculus for several years. I’m a neuroscientist … You may not have known that.

The reporters then tried to cover up their blunder by talking too much, including their telling us that she’s a neuroscientist again, after she just told us. I really do appreciate that while Mayim didn’t go out of her way to make them look any worse, she also stuck to the facts and didn’t rescue then, either.

Mayim plays Amy Farrah Fowler on the show. Amy has a Ph.D. in neurobiology while Mayim has a Ph.D. in neuroscience.

Watch the whole train-wreck for yourself.


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  1. Lori

    Augh! So awkward.

  2. Shawn

    Find me one, just one reporter these days that can actually do the job.

  3. _Don

    They are too busy schmoozing and pretending to be their best friend, they don’t actually “report”.

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