My phone rang last night while I was visiting my sister. I didn’t take the call, but I saw it was from Alarmforce. Given the letter I sent them last week, I was eager to hear the voicemail message that I noted the caller had left.

It turns out that it was the CEO, Anthony Pizzonia, himself. He said that he was sorry that we still haven’t received the referral bonus, that according to the information in the account file, the referral bonus is being processed, and that he’d like to discuss the situation with me.

I rang him back this morning, but he was unavailable. He called me back just after noon and we talked. He repeated his apology, acknowledged the difficulty we have had in getting the bonus, assured me that the workings and procedures of their alarm monitoring are solid, and admitted that the Alarmforce customer service department hasn’t been what it should be. He said my letter was a perfect example of their challenges and that he used it as an example of how they need to improve. Further he promised that they’d “make it right.”

I didn’t bring it up, but one thing doesn’t make sense. The last time I called, the rep told me the information I had provided during the call before that was not in the file. There was no record of my previous calls nor and record of the referral itself. Now I’m told the referral bonus is being processed. Curious.

I appreciate his attention and he certainly said all the right things, even if some seemed a little too right at times. I’ll be happy with what Mr. Pizzonia told me when I see those words translate into action.


The resolution.