I still use Fuelly.com to track my fuel consumption. Here are the results of my driving in 2014:

  • I refueled 7 times.
  • The average distance I drove between fill-ups was 809.1 km (502.7 miles).
  • The average price I paid per litre of diesel was $1.31 ($4.96 per US gallon).
  • The total distance tracked in 2014 was 5,663 km (3519 miles).
  • To drive that distance, I used 358.17 litres of fuel (94.62 US gallons).
  • I spent an average of $66.73 for each refuel.
  • I spent a total of $467.12 on fuel.
  • That works out to 8¢ per kilometre (12¢ per mile).
  • My average fuel economy for the year was 6.3 litres/100 km (37.3 MPG).

Taking it a bit further, 7 fill-ups in 52 weeks averages out to a fill-up every 7½ weeks, or just less than every two months.