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Internet suggestion number two…

Continuing my last entry, if I were to start a list of Internet suggestions, the second would be:

When someone tells you that what you want is wrong and they will not explain, stop listening to them. They’re not listening to you.

I offer this suggestion because I’ve read the comments on the list of Facebook tips Robert Scoble posted. I suggested in my earlier post that Facebook is a tool that one can use in many ways. My confusion with his list is that he didn’t make any effort to tell the reader what kind of Facebook usage the tips would help with. He seems unable to realize that different people use Facebook for different things. This is neatly encapsulated in this exchange:

So if all you want is to have a place where you and a few dozen friends keep up to date, your feed sucks and you will add 400 friends as you’ve been told, or your feed will continue to suck. Even though it fits your needs perfectly, exactly as it is.

Clearly, if you have other goals, you are hurting yourself and you’re nuts:

All of that would be more palatable is he would at least make his usage case clear. As I said in my earlier post, I asked what the tips are meant to achieve, and as I suggested, he did not reply to my query. Interestingly, someone else did:

It’s Vinny’s last sentence that really puts it all into place for me. He says, “I think he’s saying…” So Scoble is offering advice, and even those who agree enough to answer on his behalf must speculate about the purpose of the advice. This, folks, is a first class failure to communicate.

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  1. Don Douglas

    Scoble is a knob.

  2. Michael Dolenga

    I saw Scoble in action during his days at MS. He interviewed a colleague of mine about some work this guy had done, and proved to me, beyond a doubt, that he (Scoble) is a complete idiot. I couldn’t take him seriously before then, I sure as shit won’t know. If there’s any useful information in his writeup about how to bump up your facebook numbers, I guarantee you it didn’t come from his careful analysis or deep understanding.

    • Rick

      Mike, I see no deep understanding. First he says that Facebook is the best feed reader ever, by far…and then he tells us, with a straight face, that your feed will never contain all of the news from the people in which we’re interested, so we *must* go to their pages regularly, and read everything there. Yea, right. Best feed reader ever… right there I see he’s got not clue.

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