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I wrote to Hyperion Records today. I’ve meant to do this for a very long time:

From: Rick Pali <>
Subject: Customer feedback
Date: May 29, 2015 at 2:18:40 PM EDT

I just wanted to write to tell you that I enjoy not only the music you offer to the public, but your customer service. Good service is so incredibly rare that I have to comment on it.

For example, with record companies locking down everything in sight, you still offer PDF downloads of CD booklets for all of your releases from your site. One doesn’t even have to register! I really appreciate being able to look at the booklet before buying, and if I choose to buy the CD, I can rip it and download the booklet to appear alongside the files.

I also appreciate your archive service. That you offer downloads of out-of-print titles, or you will burn me a CD‑R copy for a reasonable price, is something that speaks very highly of your being willing to treat your customers as you’d wish to be treated in their place.

I’ve never used the archive service, but I appreciate your taking an extra step to make it available. I take advantage of the booklet downloads all the time.

The music is the main reason, but these extra services put you a step above. Thank you!


See? I don’t write to companies only when things go wrong. It’s just unfortunate that things so seldom go right. When they do however, I believe it’s important to say so.

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  1. ryan

    Right on. Good service is so rare…

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