Evan Solomon really blew it. In addition to his duties on CBC News’ Power & Politics, and CBC Radio’s The House, it seems he’s been directing the people he meets and interviews to a friend who runs an art business. For this service, Solomon received 10% of any sales resulting from his referrals.

CBC News editor in chief Jennifer McGuire said, “he assured us, this could not in any way conflict with his work for CBC News.” Honestly, either she’s not being truthful, or is naive to the point where she must have difficulty functioning in society.

On The National this evening, CBC President Hubert Lacroix said there is a zero tolerance to violating journalistic ethics, so Solomon had to go. I agree that Solomon had to go, but zero tolerance? Why is Amanda Lang still part of the news team?

You can’t refer people you interview to an art dealer for profit, but you can be intimately involved with a bank board member, and try to have the content of stories about that bank changed even though the story isn’t yours? That’s okay?

They had Solomon out the door within 24 hours of this info coming out, and Lacroix really wants to be seen as running a tight ship, but something stinks in CBC-land.