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Water bottle report

You’ll recall that I wrote in February about how a vacuum insulated water bottle helped me dramatically cut my soft drink intake. I also promised an update a month or two later that I did not deliver… until now.

I kept track of my soft drink intake in March and I’m pleased to report that in that month, I had the equivalent of 12 cans of various soft drinks. Since then, my intake has dropped even further. At this point, I have two cans a week, on average. And those I drink at my Sister’s place when we visit for Sunday dinner. The last time I had a Coke at home was probably late April.

Despite my plan to reduce my intake to thirty cans a month (one can a day), I’ve managed to drop it to about eight cans a month (two cans a week). Success! Less sugar, fewer calories, and less cost. My levels of Bisphenol A has also probably dropped through the floor as well. Really, what’s not to like?


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  1. Craige Moore

    The only thing stopping you from drinking water instead of soda was lack of cold water??

    • Rick

      Yes, Craige. Freezing cold, in a container that doesn’t condense water from the ambient air, and it must stay cold for at least a few hours. Water from the tap in a glass wasn’t going to make it happen.

  2. Shawn Greenberg

    I may have 3 cans a month, on a bad month. Good on ya Rick!

  3. Craige Moore

    Glad it was that easy for you! I think for most people who drink a lot of soda instead of water it’s because they like the taste more than drinking something tasteless. Often being thirsty can make you think you’re hungry, too! I always have my Camelbak bottle (in its insulated sleeve) with me wherever I go.

    • Rick

      It’s all about the convenience, Craige. I’ve tried this before, but all the pieces weren’t in place. Condensation from the ice-filled glass running all over, or the water getting warm quickly enough that I just wouldn’t drink it. I don’t mind that water is not a taste explosion like soft drinks are, in fact, if I can taste the water, it’s a problem…which is why I *must * have it very cold. Insulation is a godsend!

  4. Kendra Kehoe

    Way to go Rick!

  5. Claire Poulin

    Awesome stuff Rick!! You rock!

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