I was surprised to receive an e‑mail message from the Royal Bank of Canada today. I’ve received a number of messages from my bank and financial services company that are similar. With COVID-19 here, things are really screwed up, and they’re pleased to offer help if I need it. They’ll allow me to defer payments, skip payments, help me maintain my credit score, or even waive certain fees!

That’s nice of them. Above and beyond really, because I haven’t been a customer of theirs in eleven years! I have no accounts or investments of any sort with RBC. The last e‑mail message I received from them was in 2009, so given the current spam regulations, they’re way out of compliance.

I could report their asses, but you know what? They’re not worth my time.

In my experience, the Royal Bank always had such difficulty in just treating their customers as people. Kind of a deal-breaker to me.