Happy New Year! I still use Fuelly.com to track my fuel consumption. Here are the results of my driving in 2020:

  • I refueled 6 times.
  • The average distance I drove between fill-ups was 908.4 km (564.4 miles).
  • The average price I paid per litre of diesel was $1.03 ($3.89 per US gallon).
  • The total distance tracked in 2020 was 5450km (3387 miles).
  • To drive that distance, I used 329.49 litres of fuel (87.04 US gallons).
  • I spent an average of $56.34 for each refuel.
  • I spent a total of $338.04 on fuel.
  • That works out to 6¢ per kilometre (10¢ per mile).
  • My average fuel economy for the year was 6.0 litres/100 km (38.9 MPG).

Taking it a bit further, 6 fill-ups in 12 months averages out to a fill-up every two months. A pandemic certainly helps cut down on the driving!

Over this year, I’ve noted that my fuel economy, or specifically, the distance I can drive per tank of fuel has been increasing. To whit, I would typically reach 800 km per tank about 75% of the time. Now I find I’m reaching 900 km per tank about half the time. When I bought the car I recall being told that fuel economy would get better and better until the car was fully broken in at around 160,000 km, and I’m less than 1000 km away from that mark! I didn’t believe it at the time but it seems to be absolutely true.