It’s done. I bought an iMac. If you would have told me even six months ago that I’d make the switch, I would have suggested that you’re loopy. Yet here it is, on my desk. Perhaps my claiming to have made “the switch” is overstating things a bit. I’ve still got three PCs running Windows and I’m not about to get rid of them. One will certainly be converted to Linux. Another may follow after a time. My laptop will remain a Windows machine though. Still, my main machine will be the Mac. It’s an interesting experience so far, and I’ll write about it in more detail. In the meantime, my desk is far too small to hold three monitors. I thought of connecting one to the Mac creating a two-monitor configuration, but I don’t have the room for it. One of them has to go and the other will be connected to one or both of the other PCs.

Happy 40th birthday, Miranda Otto.

Happy 90th birthday, Arthur C. Clarke.

I’ve always been very impressed with the Canada Post workers who volunteer to answer all the Canadian childrens’ letters to Santa. They don’t get paid for it. It’s a remarkably nice thing to do. But as often happens, a few bad eggs can ruin it for everyone. More than ten children in the Ottawa area received insulting and demeaning letters from Santa. What kind of bastard would do such a thing? It boggles my mind.

It’s currently –12° outside. Despite the thermostat being set to a mere 13°, the thermometer tells me it’s 25° in my apartment. The windows let in the heat of the sun and the building appears to be well insulated because it stays in. I have no doubt the computers are contributing the lion’s share of the heat, however. It’s fine when I need the heat now anyway, but my search for prime numbers may be largely suspended when the summer arrives.