On January 6, I posted the image shown here to the right. The photograph was taken on January 5, at 3pm. We’d just come though a record snow-fall and the weather forecast was calling for warm temperatures. I wanted to see if their outlandish claims of double-digit temperatures above zero would actually happen, and if they did, what kind of an effect they’d have on the 66cm of snow we had on the ground. As I believe I mentioned, we did indeed get temperatures far above the normal daily high of −6° and broke at least one record.

As you can see in the image below, the temperatures did a number on the accumulated snow. We also had a day or two of rain which also did its part. The image below was taken on January 10, at 8:30am. Not quite five days later and the snow was all but gone except the areas when the ploughs piled it up.