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Drystone Wall

Distant shore

IMG_4843.CR2: 30D, EF 70-200mm 1:4L IS @ 200mm, 13s, f/8, 100 ISO

IMG_4843.CR2: 30D, EF 70 – 200mm 1:4L IS @ 200mm, 13s, f/8, 100 ISO

While it does look like an image Mariner 11 might’ve sent back from Saturn’s neighbourhood, this is actually a ridge of ploughed snow, shaped and packed by the wind. It sits along the edge of the top of my building’s parking garage. Since it’s nearly­ –20ºC out there, I certainly dressed for the cold. I must’ve looked ridiculous so bundled up on my own balcony!


Bad posters, bad!


Honey and vinegar


  1. Jennifer

    Man, that’s beautiful. Color just wouldn’t have done it justice.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Jennifer. But you’re mistaken, because the image is in colour! I corrected the orange cast from the sodium-vapour lighting in the parking lot, and do agree what it looks almost entirely monochromatic, but you can see a purple tinge in the upper right. I’d considered converting it to black and white but didn’t bother. I find that the small amount of colour left in photos like this makes them look less flat, somehow.

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