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Nikon is proud to announce their new S60 camera:

Even before you read the small print, it’d obvious that the image is touting the camera’s ability to recognize up to a dozen faces, right? What? Faces? There are faces?

As misguided as it is, I think the photo is a riot. Especially the guy on the extreme right, hiding behind the curtain. But then again, maybe it’s not misguided. I’ve seen at least three sites with the image, so word certainly is spreading. Not about the camera directly, but no press is bad press, right? Especially when it’s free.

Gizmodo has the funniest comment:

If you’re ever lucky enough score two chicks at the same time, make sure to not only grab shots with your Nikon camera, but to open those blinds wide so the whole neighborhood takes shots, too.

As for me, I think this face recognition technology can work against you getting a good photo. The sample photo is a good example. Do you really want the faces of the people in the next building to be in sharp focus? I’d suggest not. A nice blurred background would keep the viewers’ attention on the subjects. And what’s with the flat and under-saturated colours? That’s no way to sell a point-and-shoot camera.

Photo ©2008 Nikon Corporation






  1. Shawn

    Believe me, no one is looking at the colors!

  2. _don

    Of course they are looking at the colours. We have to notice what is covering up the good bits.

  3. Lori

    I realize that likely no one male might notice this but what is with that girl on top? Why is her head abnormally huge?!

    Look at her body then look at her head!


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