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Another typo

The CBC posted an article called “Atom-smasher breaks proton acceleration mark” reporting that the LHC has exceeded the former largest proton acceleration energy level. Cool. My amusement started when I read the comments. There are the usual numb-skulls who think scientific research is a waste of money, of course. But one more enlightened individual made an unfortunate typo:

We may finally find the evidence to support the big band theory, something I have always thought was sound

Of course he meant ‘big bang theory’ but I’m still amused.


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  1. Jessica

    But it makes total sense! The Big Band Theory – of course it would be all about sound! What an awesome name for a rock group. Or a swing group. I’ll bet it’s already taken, though.…

  2. Jonathan

    And now direct from the newly reopenned Large Hadron Collider Dance Hall, 175meters below Geneva, Switzerland:

    Niels Bohr and his big band theory!!!


    (kermit the frog exits stage left)

  3. Rick

    It’s worse than you think, Jessica. The Big Band Theory is a group of scientists from JPL. Their page describes them this way:

    Packed with Ph.D.s, this scientific swing band performs a play list that leans heavily toward the heavens. You’ll be tapping your toes and swaying to the rhythms of songs made popular by Goodman, Dorsey, Ellington and Basie, and made oh so memorable by the unique vocal stylings of the likes of Frank Sinatra, and Ella Fitzgerald.


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