Staff perk: Fail

A few weeks ago I received a number of DVDs from They rent DVDs by mail, much like Netflix in the United States. I’ve never received anything in the envelope with the DVD, so I was surprised to see this:

Whoops! Dwayne’s gonna be pissed.

4 thoughts to “Staff perk: Fail”

  1. Somewhat off-topic comment from someone who makes her living with words: Did you know that “perk” is actually short for “perquisite”? Cool, eh? I just learned that a few years ago. Go on, go look it up. You know you want to!

    1. Jonathan, it was one of the discs from True Blood season one.

      Jessica, that’s damn cool! What I found odd is that when I looked up ‘perk,’ both to make sure I was spelling it correctly and to make sure it meant what I thought it meant, it didn’t show in any of the usual places. I finally found it and it was labelled as being used in the U.K. primarily. Strange.

    2. I thought of you when I read this in Isaac Asimov’s The Gods Themselves the other night:

      “It was not a top-echelon job, but it had its perquisites…”

      I’ve read the book before so I’ve seen it, but I certainly don’t remember it. Your mentioning it made it jump right out at me…even though it was nearly five years ago!

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