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Staff perk: Fail

A few weeks ago I received a number of DVDs from They rent DVDs by mail, much like Netflix in the United States. I’ve never received anything in the envelope with the DVD, so I was surprised to see this:

Whoops! Dwayne’s gonna be pissed.


VW diesel refuel #51


Another typo


  1. Jonathan

    If you don’t mind… what dvd was it?

  2. Jessica

    Somewhat off-topic comment from someone who makes her living with words: Did you know that “perk” is actually short for “perquisite”? Cool, eh? I just learned that a few years ago. Go on, go look it up. You know you want to!

    • Rick

      Jonathan, it was one of the discs from True Blood season one.

      Jessica, that’s damn cool! What I found odd is that when I looked up ‘perk,’ both to make sure I was spelling it correctly and to make sure it meant what I thought it meant, it didn’t show in any of the usual places. I finally found it and it was labelled as being used in the U.K. primarily. Strange.

    • Rick

      I thought of you when I read this in Isaac Asimov’s The Gods Themselves the other night:

      “It was not a top-echelon job, but it had its perquisites…”

      I’ve read the book before so I’ve seen it, but I certainly don’t remember it. Your mentioning it made it jump right out at me…even though it was nearly five years ago!

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