We all do many things during every day of our lives. It’s inevitable that we’ll forget some of them. Sometimes, this can surprise us when something we’ve done comes back to us.

A good example of this happened to me today. I got movies in the mail! I’m a Zip.ca subscriber so this isn’t an entirely unexpected occurrence for me. As is my usual habit, I opened the envelopes as I walked up the stairs. Imagine my surprise when I saw a film called Vibrator. Ummm. Yea.

Zip.ca doesn’t stock pornography, if that’s what you’re thinking. Combine the obvious sexual connotation with my utter lack of memory of even the existence of a film by this name, and you can understand why I stopped climbing the stairs, mid-step, between floors, as my brain struggled to understand.

It’s overwhelmingly likely that I’d heard about it somewhere and added it to my list. It’s an art-house type film, I gather, and the IMDb reviews are largely favourable so that’s probably it. It’s possible that my receiving it is a mistake. I received disc five of the BBC’s Planet Earth. Only disc five! I know I didn’t order it, and if I had, they would have started with disc one. Then again, Dwayne might be at the root of this!

No matter. I’ll watch it and see for myself.