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I don’t need a new PC, thanks

Microsoft has a new ad in which a woman doesn’t think she needs to upgrade their PC, so Microsoft employees go into her house when she’s not there, and they refashion her living room into a PC store. She sees the lovely new PCs and of course immediately changes her mind. She then chooses a new PC and her life is complete.

Microsoft has the ad on their site.

Putting myself in the woman’s place, I have words for Microsoft:

Dear Microsoft,

If you come into my place while I’m not there, expect the same look of surprise when I arrive home…but then expect me to dial 911 as soon as I realize what’s going on. Depending on my mood, I may then do my damnedest to kick the asses of all the Microsoft employees intruders before the authorities arrive. Of course I will start with the person wielding the camera.

If I smile as I enter my apartment, it’s not because I’m pleased to see strangers in my home. Rather, I’ve recognized that there’s money to be made by taking legal action against Microsoft. Profit makes me smile.

Your pal,


And yes, I’m aware that Microsoft would have had permission, if the living room we’re shown is even the woman’s actual home. So either it was a home invasion or complete fiction they want us to believe. Neither is likely to have me look at Microsoft in a favourable way. The idea is just so dumb.

They should change ad agencies and fire the person who gave this campaign the green light.


Useless, by Nature




  1. Shawn

    The ad is rather stupid and weak minded. Have you noticed that the sponsoring PC vendor changes. It used to be HP, but this one is Sony. I bet HP knew they were dumping the PC business long before this ad was cooked up and withdrew form the campaign. So now the lady chose an even crappier PC.

  2. Max

    already seen the new windows 8? ohh god, their new system will be more than bad, it will be ULTRA bad. When they will publish it, i will switch to ubuntu, and I will smile to, because I’ve saved me again 120 € for a bunch of ones and zeroes 😀

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