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There’s an election coming in Québec, and that means the Parti Québécois takes leave of their senses even more than usual, and that’s saying something!

This time around, PQ leader Pauline Marois thinks that she can dictate Canadian border policy after Québec separates from Canada! What a trick. While discussing her party’s tourism policy, a reporter asked her if an independent Québec would be more attractive to tourists, and she replied that in addition to Québec continuing to welcome Canadian tourists,

We could continue to go see the Rockies in the West … or go to Prince Edward Island and [the rest of Canada] could continue to come visit us. There will be no borders and no tolls.

Later in the day, she was called on to clarify what she meant…meaning to explain her nonsense. According to the CBC, she elaborated,

She said travel between Quebec and the rest of Canada would operate like the European Union, where members of individual countries can cross borders without showing a passport.

“People would be able to travel freely through Quebec, and Quebecers would continue to be able to visit the Maritimes and British Columbia. That’s all I was trying to say this morning,” Marois said.

Pauline, if you take Québec out of Canada, you have to understand that you won’t be able to continue to threaten Canada to get your way. Once you’re gone, you can do whatever you want within your new country, but your influence will stop at the border. And make no mistake, there will be a border. Whether your people will need a passport or whether they’ll have to pay a toll when they cross this border is our decision, not yours.

If you want to take your people out of Canada so you can make your own decisions, have the decency to acknowledge that making decisions also involves accepting the consequences, whether good or bad. Unfortunately for everyone, you’re following the typical separatist strategy of promoting the positives, and incorrectly claiming that there are no negative aspects. Those with half a brain will know you’re lying, and the rest will come for you with torches in hand, once Québec separates. Is that what you want?


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  1. _Don

    While the last effort to separate I was anxious because I was living on the Quebec side of the Ottawa river, this time around I’m more amused at the prospect of it.

    Generally speaking, the health care and other social services in Quebec aren’t the best, there is news all the time of lack of doctors, nurses, long waiting times, bridges in Montreal falling apart, and the roads are terrible. If it becomes a new nation, Quebec won’t be getting a handout (which already funds the poor conditions listed) from the feds any more.

    Oh yeah, and I’m looking forward to what their new currency will look like, and what the value of it will be on the world stage.

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