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Bell: Their people can’t stay away

Bell is all about the hard sell lately. Remember a few weeks back a nice young woman from Bell came to my door? Well, another just did the same thing. I’m not nearly so taken with the experience despite the caller having a Mila Kunis thing going on. The reason is that I posted a note on the door a few weeks ago, clearly stating that the occupants are not interested in any solicitors, religious or otherwise.

Yet, the young woman still rang the bell, and the first words out of her mouth were, “I’m really not that bad, I promise.” She needs a lesson in professional behaviour, clearly. That’s hardly a good opener when seeking to establish a business relationship. The next thing she said, was that she was from Bell, while brandishing a laminated card on a lanyard. I immediately said that I wasn’t interested and closed the door. Leave me alone, I’m trying to watch The Lost Boys!

I realize that I was a little to hasty. I should have asked why she would ring when I clearly made my feelings about it known. Does she really think that ignoring my stated wishes would convince me to be a customer? I’d love to hear her answer.

If Bell thinks they can outsource rude door-to-door sales and claim that it’s not their staff who are going this, they clearly have no regard for their customers.

Oh yea, what am I thinking? It’s Bell we’re talking about. We already know this. They repeatedly demonstrate their utter lack of regard for everyone, customer or not.


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  1. Terri Dolenga

    After 8 years 8 I still get those letters about how they miss me. Yes indeed they never give up.

    • Rick

      The bright side is that they are paying money to send me ads. The ads reinforce how I abhor them and remind me to never consider being a customer. So they’re paying money to ensure I never become a customer. This amuses me to no end.

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