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Columbia aftermath

The Columbia disaster was all over the news, pretty much as I expected. What I didn’t expect, and what I’m so very pleased to see, is this event brought the passion a lot of people feel for space exploration into the spotlight. I’m thrilled so many people feel as I do.

And regarding the space program, lord let me never again hear an ignorant voice say, “We should spend that money here on Earth rather than up in space.”

Odyssey secrets

Don’t you find it frustrating when it’s bloody freaking clear that there’s a whole lot more going on than you’re told?

Case in point is Odyssey 5. It’s a series on Showtime that earned the second highest ratings for the channel. Sounds good, right? Apparently ratings weren’t enough because Showtime decided not to renew the series and gave no reason for their decision. Certainly something’s going on there because what they’ve told us makes no sense.

Happily the series may have a second chance because the producer of the show, Sony Pictures Television, is shopping it around to other channels.

Publicity still courtesy of Sony Pictures Television.


One can hear strange things throughout the course of the day. The definite winner today was,

I stained my bird this weekend.

Five year trail

Lordy what a wonderful Friday I had! First, it started with getting off work early. I didn’t have the day off, but one of the best ways to start a weekend is to be able to leave work an hour early to get on with your plans! First thing was to go pick up Don and get us over to Kelly’s mom’s place where we were meeting Kelly and Gord. We agreed to meet there by 4:30 and while we were about ten minutes late, Kelly had just pulled up as well so I wasn’t all that worried.

We piled into their Oldsmobile and were on our way to Montréal. It was fun catching up with all of them in one place. It was even more fun sharing the anticipation of the evening we were about to enjoy. You see, we were on our way to the Bell Centre to enjoy an evening of Rush in concert, supporting their Vapour Trails album. It’s been six years since their last album so this was definitely an occasion! The last time we saw them live was July 4, 1997 at the Corel Centre on the Test for Echo tour. This tour they didn’t come to town, but you know what they say about Mohammad and the mountain, right?

With the ticket staring you in the face on the right I feel I have to bring up the issue of the price. I talked to Don about this because I called for the tickets and was surprised at how high the price was. We both agreed though … it simply didn’t matter. When it comes to Rush, if we can in any way afford the ticket, we’re going.

I looked through my collection of ticket stubs and found the very first Rush concert I went to was at the now defunct Maple Leaf Gardens on November 15, 1982. Just a little less than a month short of two decades ago. Wow, that’s something. More than half my life. Back then $12.50 was the price of admission. I saw them later on the same tour, this time on April 5, 1983 at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium and paid only $12.00 for my ticket.

We were sitting and passing time chatting when the house lights went down and the familiar strains of the Three Stooges theme song came over the PA system. It was like the darkness took me back to all the other shows … back to my younger years, to all the people I’ve gone to concerts with and all the good times. I don’t think I stopped grinning like a damn fool until three or four songs had passed.

They played a very wide selection of their songs, and every studio album was represented except Caress of Steel and Hold Your Fire. I was a bit surprised they only played four songs from Vapour Trails, but I have to admit to not being as familiar with that release as I should be anyway. After a five year break, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the guys in concert as for as how they would relate to us, the audience. Happily little had changed in that department and the band was just as goofy and fun as they always have been. If anything, I’d say they were having a great time putting on the show and that always makes for a better performance. Seeing them crack each other up and hamming it up to the crowd makes it about more than just playing the songs.

The ticket was expensive but I have no complaints about what I received for it. The show started at eight and ended at a few minutes to eleven with a ten minute break somewhere in the middle. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been to a three hour concert before!

I think Don said it best right after the show when he said, like a kid who just got off a carnival ride, “That was great! Can we do it again?!”

It’s not about courage

Look out Gwyneth! He might be getting ready to ask you out!

It’s not the easiest thing to ask someone out on a date. No one likes to put themselves out there and be that vulnerable.

With that in mind, it’s with frustration that I read about Gwyneth Paltrow who was recently promoting the forthcoming film Possession in London, England. She complained that no one in England has the courage to ask her out.

Good god Gwyneth, people aren’t psychic. If you want to go out on a date, do something about it. This isn’t the seventeenth century. Certainly I can understand that being a famous actress would make it a bit odd, but no one forced her into it, did they? If you want a date, Gwyneth, the solution is simple … ask someone. It’s what the rest of us have to do.

Celebrities, eh? Some would have us believe that their shit doesn’t stink.

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